The brand HANFORD sprung forth in 1954, the original business of manufacturing briefs in the bustling streets of Juan Luna. HANFORD is also a well-loved family tradition that has been passed from one generation to the next.

Consistent with the vision to always be the industry’s best, Mansfield International, Inc. – the maker of HANFORD – uses only
top-of-the-line, cutting-edge technology and the finest materials in making its products: high-quality cotton blends and spandex waistbands for utmost comfort and durability.

Through the years, various business organizations have recognized HANFORD as competitive with the best of the world.


National Product Quality Excellence Awards (2013), Diamond Eye Award for Quality Commitment & Excellence (2006)

This unparalleled superiority can be found in Hanford, Hanford Ice, and Hanford Boys, a complete line of men’s and boy’s underwear, consisting of briefs, boxer shorts, boxer briefs, tank tops, t-shirts and supporters; and Hanford Fem, a classy collection of chic and comfortable undergarments for the ladies.

When it comes to underwear, HANFORD has proven that after all these years, it is still the front-runner. With its long, dependable history of excellence, clients can be sure that the brand they have grown to trust can be trusted by future generations too.

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Congressional Avenue, Project 8,
Quezon City Philippines
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