Hanford Men Ladies Teens Casual Everyday Comfort Cotton Ankle Socks Arlan - White Black (3pairs)

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Hanford Unisex Casual Everyday Comfort Cotton Socks are constructed with a premium blend of 70% cotton, 27% polyester and 3% spandex for easy fit, stretch, and added durability.

THICKNESS: Not thick socks as this style is lightweight and offer a snug fit for everyday wear.


1) Breathability (allows for better ventilation, keeping your feet cool, and preventing excessive sweating)

2) Better for Tight Shoes (great for tight running shoes, lifestyle shoes, dress shoes, loafers, and flats) 

3) Quick Drying (socks absorb less water and dry faster, making them convenient for travelers or individuals on the go)

Colors available: Black and White
3 pairs